Tattoos by Hai

Jurassic Coast Tattoo Convention 2012

Apologies for the late write-up on this convention, I’ve had such a busy Christmas & New Year I hardly had time to sit down, let alone write!

The first Jurassic Coast Tattoo Convention really was a fantastic way to end the year! Organised by my friends and colleagues at Urban Image Tattoo Studio, absolutely everything was thought of and catered for. More food and drink than you could shake a big stick at for all the artists and helpers and a back stage ‘quiet area’ to just chill out and relax.

Throughout the day alternative Christmas songs were blasted out as I worked on a Nightmare Before Christmas (apt!) leg piece on my friend Hannah. With about 20 minutes to spare before the judging began I’d finished after working all day on it. Judging felt like it went on for hours and Hannah’s piece got recalled for a second look in one of the most popular categories, Best Large Colour.

As I was talking to my Dad who was setting up with the band for the evening entertainment, my name got called out for Best Large Colour. I won! YAY! I was really happy to win in such a large category.

I really hope Carl & Kerry decide to organise the convention again in 2013. This area needs a good, well-organised convention!

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